About RPC Leadership Associates, Inc.

Everyone has leadership potential. RPC Leadership Associates, Inc. was founded on this singular premise and is focused on helping people achieve their full leadership potential. This potential perpetuates itself in various aspects of running the business. Leaders need a purpose for their business so we assist through the Strategic Planning process. Leaders need to leverage their people AND their business processes so we enable them through the Leadership Development and Operations Performance improvement processes. Lastly, Leaders seek Loyal Customers to drive profitability so we leverage the Business Alignment process to tie it all together. We take this focus on performance change to a new sustained level such that we help create successful lifelong Leaders.

RPC Leadership Associates, Inc.

About Rick Lochner, President and CEO

Rick Lochner, President and CEO, RPC Leadership Associates, Inc.

Rick Lochner started RPC Leadership Associates, Inc. after 30 years of Management and Executive Leadership experience in a variety of service industries. As a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, Rick successfully led his organizations and teams in environments as extreme as the interior of Alaska to the front-lines of Cold War Germany. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, he traded his Army uniform for the private sector and, for the next 18 years, held progressively more responsible leadership positions ranging from front-line management to senior executive management. He has led organizations in Fortune 100 corporations and privately held entrepreneurial ventures in multiple industries, both for-profit and non-profit.

Learn more about Rick and view his blogs, videos, and other materials at RickLochner.com

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I'm Just Sayin' by Rick Lochner

I’m Just Sayin’: Revelations for Making Leadership a Way of Life.

Leadership starts with leading ourselves. If we cannot effectively lead ourselves, we have little right to ask others to follow us anywhere.

The Missing Piece for Entrepreneurs by Rick Lochner

The Missing Piece
for Entrepreneurs

Achieving Sustainable Growth through Business Alignment is a compelling road map to helping your business grow! A must have for leaders!

The Missing Piece for Non-Profit Leaders by Rick Lochner

The Missing Piece
for Non-Profit Leaders

Understanding the discipline of business alignment is the secret. Everything the non-profit leader needs to put it all together!

The Missing Piece by Rick Lochner

The Missing Piece
for Everyone Else

Achieving Sustainable Success through Business Alignment is a compelling road map to helping your business grow! A must have for leaders!

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