Entrepreneurial DNA

For many entrepreneurs, a metric of success is staying in business for five years or more.  Having successfully crossed that threshold, one of the reasons is being aware of, and managing to, our strengths and weaknesses as entrepreneurs.  This month’s book review is from someone who is a resident expert on entrepreneurial styles or DNA.  In "Entrepreneurial DNA", Joe Abraham explores the four key profiles of entrepreneurs and why it is important to understand not all entrepreneurs are created equal.

My favorite section is Part 2 (of 3) where he takes the reader through an in depth profile of each DNA style and then strategies to optimize your business based on your style.  After reading this section, you will be sure to recognize your primary style and possibly a secondary style. You will also better understand how to leverage your strengths and execute strategies to minimize your entrepreneurial blind spots.

Enjoy the Book!

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Saturday, 27 November 2021