Hope is Not a Strategy!

We cannot hope for success! Yet how many times a day do we say so without even realizing it? In what has become one of my all time favorite quotes, this title of Rick Page’s book is a constant reminder to me that whatever we successfully do as leaders, we have to do with a defined purpose that leverages all of our available resources to achieve our goals. In the nearly 20 years of applying this idea to a plethora of businesses, I have come to realize how important business alignment is to achieving sustainable success.

In “The Missing Piece: Achieving Sustainable Success Through Business Alignment”, business alignment is defined as “…the process of matching the organization’s tactics to the available or readily acquirable resources to achieve its strategic objectives.” The real question is “How do we do that in our business, especially in today’s challenging business environment?” The first step is to understand what makes up the three main elements of business alignment - Strategic Thinking, Operational Support Elements and Tactical Execution.

The Strategic Thinking process helps define the general direction of the organization. In this context, it consists of creating the organization’s Vision of a desired future, a Mission Statement to create a tangible direction for the organization and a Strategy defining specifically how the organization will compete in its markets and industry. The strategic objectives create the foundation for the next element of business alignment, the Operational Support Elements.

The Operational Support Elements are the “…available or readily available resources…” necessary to achieve the strategic objectives. They consist of the right People, Processes, Technology and Rewards Systems the organization has in place to successfully execute the tactics. The emphasis on the right resources is crucial because organizations likely have resources that might have been right in the past but may or may not be the right People, Processes, Technology and Rewards for the future strategy of the organization. But having the right resources creates a successful environment for the final element of business alignment, Tactical Execution.

Tactical Execution consists of the Goals and Scientific Methodologies to achieve the Desired Results for the organization. The Goals must align throughout the organization lest they run at cross-purposes with one another. The Scientific Methods determine how to track and measure the goals to ensure the goals are achieving not just any results, but the desired results the organization needs to achieve its Strategy.

Whether in a corporate organization, small to mid-sized entrepreneurial organization or a non-profit organization, the business alignment process has never turned less than double-digit growth when utilized to it fullest capability! What does double-digit growth do for your business?

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Saturday, 27 November 2021