…don’t go to the zoo. Go to the jungle.”
This quote by Jim Stengel, former Chief Marketing Office at Proctor & Gamble sets up this month’s conversation on Leading at the Speed of Business as we discuss the fourth of five keys to success. We left off the conversation last month by looking at how Cognitive Diversity helps 21st Century Leaders adapt quickly by embracing creativity and diverse thinking. This month we explore the importance of how effectively we communicate diverse thinking to adapt and stay relevant.
It is my contention that effective communication is the biggest challenge 21st Century Leaders face today! When we think of all the ramifications and repercussions of poor leadership communications, we can clearly see why this is such a big issue. What can leaders do to effectively communicate at the speed of business?Thanks to technology, the amount of information we have access to increases at an incredibly exponential rate. In many cases, leaders are literally looking for the knowledge needle in the information haystack! However, what leaders do with the information available to them is far more important that the information they’ve accumulated over time. Anyone can search for information on the internet. It is knowing what to do with the information, or whether it is in fact the right information, that allows effective leaders to make the right knowledge-based decisions at the speed of business!
How are you learning how the lion hunts?
Lead Well!