prioritize How are you communicating your well-reasoned no?

...Without Saying No.

In our coaching practice with corporate leaders, non-profit leaders, business owners and individual professionals, one of the most common areas of development is priority management. While some still refer to this challenge as time management, we beg to disagree. You see, these leaders aren’t really managing time as it is fixed at 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week, etc. What these leaders are managing is what they do with their time such as how they manage their priorities. Prioritization, by definition, means saying yes to the most important (urgent or not urgent) and saying no to the least important. Therefore, learning to say no is a crucial leadership and priority management skill.

In an article from the October 2021 issue of Inc. Magazine titled, “Yes, it’s OK to say No”, Fawn Weaver, the founder and CEO of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey, wrote about the importance of saying no when appropriate. As I read the article (several times), I saw the same words we’ve used over these past thirteen years to help our clients manage their yeses and nos. I’ve pulled 3 direct quotes and added our version of how leaders can think about applying the key point to their business.

No is such a simple phrase to say, yet very difficult to say in the moment. Leaders want to be helpful and available to their teams. Carried to the extreme and without regard to their own priorities creates stress and anxiety as the commitments to yes overwhelm their capacity and capability to deliver. As we wrote about this back in 2016, “Your yes means nothing, if you can’t say no!”

How are you communicating your well-reasoned no? If you are not sure, we can help.

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