As we learn to adapt to an information-rich, knowledge-poor world, focus becomes an all-important part of our success.  In his most recent book, “Focus”, Daniel Goleman, he of Emotional Intelligence fame, takes the reader deeper into what it takes to have enough focus to drive excellence.

My favorite part of the book speaks to these three kinds of focus:  Inner Focus, Other Focus and Outer Focus.
  • Inner focus keeps us in tune to our intuitions.  Without it we are rudderless.
  • Other focus connects us to others in our world.  Without it we are clueless.
  • Outer focus allows us to understand the larger systemic world.  Without which we would be blindsided.
Whether we are leaders by position, by influence or both, it is the combination of all three areas of focus that provide us the balance necessary to achieve sustainable success in what we do.

Enjoy the book!

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We live in an Information-rich...


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Thursday, 21 October 2021