It's My Company Too!

It was my distinct pleasure recently to meet one of the authors of this month’s book.  I was immediately taken by his business card in that his title is listed as Chief Culture Officer.  In fact, Tom Walter is one of the senior leaders of Tasty Catering and one of the co-authors of “It’s My Company Too!” along with Kenneth Thompson, Ramon Benedetto and Molly Meyer.

The title comes from a story from Tasty Catering where a supervisor was berating an employee for a mistake they were making with multiple orders.  Another supervisor stepped in and reminded the first supervisor of “#2” which meant the second value of the organization was respect for people.  The CEO witnessed this and later thanked the second supervisor in private for what he did.  When offered a cash reward for exemplifying the values of the organization, the supervisor handed the money back and said “It’s my company too!”

My favorite chapter is Chapter 8 that speaks to creating an aligned culture at Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, IL.  As an advocate of business alignment and understanding how difficult the dynamics of a hospital can be operationally, I was taken in by the stories and attitudes their leadership displayed in changing a culture from one of finger-pointing and blame to one of a fully entangled culture!

Enjoy the Book!

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Thursday, 28 September 2023