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With a theme of adaptability in this month’s post, it is only fitting to review this author’s latest book. I’ve reviewed Dr. Max McKeown’s books before and his latest does not disappoint. “The Innovator’s Book – Rules for Rebels, Mavericks and Innovators” is unique in that is does not at all read like your typical business book. Yet it is the kind of book that with few words gets one thinking about how they are thinking about and implementing their strategies for sustainable success.

My favorite page in the entire book is titled “What you know can hurt you” When I read it, it struck me how tritely we use phrases like “continuous learning” and “we need to innovate” without really understand what we are asking ourselves to do. With that, I listed most of the page below to give an idea of how the book is set up to generate new thought:

“If you think you know something then it is hard to be open to learning.

But the problem is that eventually what you know may be wrong, old-fashioned, outdated, unhelpful and finally dangerous.

People can attack new ideas just because they are new. And defend old ideas because they are familiar. Saying you are always right can stop anyone telling you when you are wrong. Infallibility is an error.

Better to ask stupid questions and keep learning than stop learning and stay stupid.”

There is more to the page, but you get the idea!

Enjoy the Book!

“If you think you know something...
If the flower does not bloom...

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Sunday, 21 July 2024