The Missing Piece for Corporate Leaders


In our quest to leverage the Business Alignment process to business leaders across key organizational situations, we are proud to announce the upcoming availability of “The Missing Piece for Corporate Leaders: Achieving Sustainable Value through Business Alignment”. As its predecessors did for Entrepreneurs/Small Businesses and Non-Profit Leaders, this third installment helps Corporate Leaders understand the importance of aligning their people, processes and tools to bridge the gap between the Vision and Strategy and the execution of the Strategy through aligned Goals and Metrics to achieve Desired Results. Corporate leaders have a unique challenge in they achieve success through many layers in the organization. The more layers, the more opportunities for the Vision and Strategy to get sanitized and diluted by the time it reaches the part of the organization that needs to execute the Goals aligned to the Strategy. Complexity can beget confusion and the most effective leaders understand that simplicity is the best remedy for confusion. The Business Alignment Maturity Model is outlined in a clear and logical manner so that when all the pieces are combined, the Corporate Leader can see how business alignment can simplify their organization for sustainable success! As one corporate leader stated after reviewing the book, “This book was written about us!”. Enjoy the Book!

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Sunday, 19 September 2021