The Missing Piece for Entrepreneurs

Achieving Sustainable Growth through Business Alignment

As we wrap up Small Business Appreciation Month, I reflect on the many entrepreneurs and small business owners I have worked with in the past as well as those who I currently work with. It is these innovative, hardworking, sometimes frustrating and all the time inspirational business leaders who motivated me to publish, “The Missing Piece for Entrepreneurs – Achieving Sustainable Growth through Business Alignment”! It provides a framework to help the many current and future entrepreneurs and small business owners successfully thrive as a key component of a growing economy.

In the book’s Foreword, Joe Abraham, noted entrepreneur and author of “Entrepreneurial DNA” wrote about three groups of entrepreneurs. Of the third group he wrote, “Then there’s the minority – I call the elite – that have invested the time and energy to go through the process you are about to go through. The result of that investment is evident across their companies. From the quality of talent that wants to work for them and the performance-minded culture that surrounds the company to high growth rates and industry-leading profits. More important than all of that is the satisfaction I see on these owner’s faces. They are not slaves to their business. They are no longer the only one pulling on the oars. The engine for scalable growth is installed – and it operates with or without them.” This book is written to help entrepreneurs become part of this group!

Enjoy the Book!

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Thursday, 08 December 2022