To Sell is Human

When I speak with clients about getting it right the first time and avoiding re-work, the one functional area that seems the most frustrating in this area is Sales.  Typically, when you don’t do it right the first time, someone else did (or at least did it better than you) and won the business.  In his most recent book, “To Sell is Human”, Daniel Pink explores how the process of sales has changed and offers some great ideas on how to get it right the first time.

My favorite part of the book is Chapter 6 where he speaks to the idea of Clarity.  One idea is turning the traditional notion of sales from Problem Solving to Problem Finding.  The better we are at finding problems and offering solutions to solve them, the more valuable we are to our clients.  The ability to do both forces us to leverage more than the analytical parts of our brain but the creative parts of our brain as well.  He ends the chapter with discussion around five different frames that allow us to put the sales process in a context for Clarity.  They are:
  • The Less Frame – The fewer the choices, the more often they will buy.
  • The Experience Frame – What experiences will I have with this product/service?
  • The Label Frame – What’s in a Name? Everything!
  • The Blemished Frame – A small dose of negative can increase buying.
  • The Potential Frame – What “could be” sometimes works better than what “already is”.
Enjoy the Book!
There is never enough time to do something right…

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Thursday, 21 October 2021