Why Entrepreneurs Especially Need to Take a Vacation

This month I had the pleasure of contributing to Entrepreneur Magazine in Lisa Evans’ 8/12/15 article titled, “Why Entrepreneurs Especially Need to Take a Vacation”. In it, we talked about the importance of stepping away from the business and taking a true break from the business. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who likely started the business and become physically and emotionally invested in all aspects of the business.

In truth, the best measure of health of an entrepreneurial business is best described by how well leaders at the top delegate to their next level of managers. How does the business run in the absence of the top leader? What happens when the owner gets sick or has to step away for unintended circumstances?

The other value of taking a vacation is the health of the leaders themselves. Intellectually, we know that physical health has a direct effect on mental acuity and health. The more physically healthy the entrepreneurial leader, the better their mental sharpness and ability to make the myriad of decisions a growing business needs its leader to make. I maintain a business leader cannot deliver their best if they are physically in poor health!

Take Ten and Enjoy the Article!

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Thursday, 28 September 2023