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To reach optimal performance, emerging leaders must understand themselves and why they have tendencies to behave and think certain ways

  • Over 50 years of scientific research reveals 3 distinct decision-making styles – Personal, Practical and Analytical. Emerging leaders make decisions using all 3 styles, yet tend to develop a preference for one over the other two.  Our Attribute Index provides information on WHAT attributes the emerging leader uses to make decisions: Intrinsically, Extrinsically or Systematically.
  • Our DISC Index provides the most comprehensive view of HOW an emerging leader prefers to behave especially in the context of working with team members, effectively communicating as a leader and in any environment that requires effective conflict resolution.
  • Every emerging leader has their own unique mix of personal drivers and motivators to help guide them to success. Using the Values Index helps understand WHY an emerging leader is motivated to do things so they are able to better align themselves to their environment with what creates in them the most passion.

These individual assessments can be leveraged by themselves or in combination with other individual assessments to learn how to lead themselves first before leading others.

leadership assessements chicago illinois

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