Entrepreneurnial Leaders

 If you are an Entrepreneurial Leader and…
  • …you are consumed by too many tasks and not enough time to complete the tasks…
  • …you are getting to-dos completed but have no idea what the next phase of the business looks like…
  • …your business growth has accelerated beyond your ability to effectively manage it…
  • …your business sales are flat and you are running out of good ideas to re-energize revenue growth…
  • …your team, and possibly you, are struggling to keep up with the constant changes in your industry...

…then we should talk!


Areas Of Focus

Business Planning

Every successful entrepreneurial journey begins with a plan. Business Planning is a process to determine the future of the organization and what resources will be needed to ensure success.

Business Coaching

Entrepreneurs wear many hats and play multiple roles as they grow their businesses to be competitive and sustainable.  For these reasons, they can become their own obstacle hampering their ability to achieve desired results.

Business Planning Process & Outcomes

Effective Business owners today have found that developing a Vision, Mission, Strategy and a specific plan or action contributes to long-term sustained success.

With the Business Alignment Model as a backdrop, our Business Planning process helps entrepreneurs determine not only where their business wants and needs to go, but also, how it will get there. The Business Planning process covers critical issues and creates the following deliverables:

  • Business Philosophy
  • Vision and Mission Statements
  • Organizational Goals
  • Marketing and Sales Plans
  • Measurements for Sustainable Success

As a result of this process, a business leader will be able to achieve measurable increases in revenue and profit, focus on attracting and servicing customers and defined strategic direction. 

Business Coaching Process & Outcomes

Our Leadership process is a structured, open-ended pragmatic approach to leadership growth helping entrepreneurs develop attitudes, skills and qualities necessary for personal and professional leadership.

The process covers critical issues relating to business leadership including:

  • Attitude Development and Motivation
  • Effective Communications
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Time Management

As a result of this process, the entrepreneur will be able to help their business achieve measurable increases in profits, revenue, and focus on a clear direction. The entrepreneur will also see measurable increase in their results-oriented attitude and their vision for personal direction and decision-making. 

Leadership Coaching

The growing pressures of global competition fuel the demand for increasingly effective business leaders. These leaders bear the responsibility for setting the tone and style for their organizations to meet changing cultural values and expectations. To meet this challenge, leaders themselves must be adaptable to future changes! One of the best ways for leaders to develop the necessary attitudes, skills and decision-making capabilities is through a confidential one-to-one relationship in which a wide range of issues can be explored and resolved. Through systematic assessments and dialog, the leadership coaching process tackles both “bottom line” and “life-work-alignment” issues.

Often times, coaching is confused with consulting as the terms are used interchangeably. In truth, the two professions take very different approaches. Consulting is about problem solving where the primary goal is typically to maximize client profits. Coaching is about developing people with the primary goal to maximize client potential.

The capacity for leadership exists in everyone, but many never take the time to develop it. Whether just entering the workforce or a seasoned business veteran, leadership coaching helps the leader view their world more strategically and open up possibilities they did not either consider or thought impossible. It enables leaders to design and implement a plan for the development of their own leadership capabilities as well as for their teams and organizations.

The Leadership Coaching Process

The RPC Leadership Associates, Inc Leadership Coaching process helps leaders improve their effectiveness and performance in a more purposeful way. It offers the leader the opportunity to stand back and take a fresh look at their experiences and assumptions by enabling them to…

  • Identify inner resources yet untapped.
  • Target priority areas for growth and development.
  • Promote healthy alignment between career and personal life, so they can sustain the vitality necessary for effective leadership.
  • Uncover specific behaviors that need to change in order to achieve short-term and long-term desired results.
  • Challenge underlying beliefs and values, and offer possibilities   for fundamental change that will enhance the overall quality of life.

The coaching process can take a number of forms depending on the needs of the individual leader and the desires of the organization who requests the leadership coaching. The process typically unfolds as follows:

  • The leader and coach meet to discuss the need and make a decision about whether leadership coaching is the best approach to achieve the desired results. As coaching is goals based, an initial idea of the leader’s goals is established at this point.
  • The leader and the coach identify key strengths, weaknesses, and developmental needs through a comprehensive assessment process and put together a plan. At some point, the assessment process may include a 360-feedback process that includes the leader’s manager, peers and subordinates.
  • The leader and coach work together to achieve the agreed upon objectives. The process cadence generally ebbs once the leader establishes momentum toward acquiring enhanced leadership abilities and developed an organizational support mechanism for ongoing growth.

Leadership Coaching Outcomes

Potential outcomes from a leadership coaching relationship can include:

  • Greater Clarity of Attitudes and Behavioral Focus
  • Improved Decision-Making Skills
  • Enhanced Creativity and Adaptability
  • Improved Alignment in all Aspects of Life
  • Greater Leadership Effectiveness


Business Process Improvement

It is said that processes comprise up to 85% of the issues in any business.  All entrepreneurial ventures are run on five core processes and a host of supporting processes.

Business Assessments

There is likely no better tool to helping the entrepreneur succeed than self-awareness. Self-awareness involves looking across different aspects of one’s attitudinal thought processes to create a complete view of YOU.

Business Process Improvement Outcomes

Changing the status quo to meet customer demands and increase profitability has become one of the foremost business issues of today’s competitive environment. Whether providing a tangible product or services or both, ensuring these business processes are effective and relevant to sustainable growth is key to the entrepreneur’s success.  Our processes listed below can be facilitated individually or in any combination with other processes:

  • Inbound logistics and Outbound Logistics
  • Core Business Operations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Supporting Processes (Human Recourses, Financial Operations, Technology Support etc.)

As a result of improving these processes, the entrepreneur will be able to help their business achieve measurable increases in profits, revenue, and focus on a sustainable manner.

Business Assessment Outcomes

To reach optimal performance you must understand your Entrepreneurial DNA as well as WHAT natural talents you have, WHY you are motivated to use them and HOW you prefer to use them. We combine the BOSI DNA Assessment with 3 additional assessments in the ADVanced Insights to provide the most current and up-to-date input to the entrepreneur’s self-awareness journey.

  • Not all entrepreneurs are wired the same.  Using data from thousands of entrepreneurs over a nearly four year period led to the discovery of BOSI – a behavioral quadrant that segments entrepreneurs into 4 very different groups.  The BOSI DNA Assessment identifies your entrepreneurial strengths to support the growth of your business.
  • Over 50 years of scientific research reveals 3 distinct decision-making styles – Personal, Practical and Analytical. Leaders make decisions using all 3 styles yet tend to develop a preference for one over the other two.  Our Attribute Index provides information on WHAT attributes the entrepreneur uses to make decisions: Intrinsically, Extrinsically or Systematically.
  • Our DISC Index provides the most comprehensive view of HOW an entrepreneur prefers to behave especially in the context of working with team members, as a leader or in any environment that requires conflict resolution.
  • Everyone has their own unique mix of personal drivers and motivators to help guide them to success. Using the Values Index helps understand WHY an entrepreneur is motivated to do things so they are able to better align themselves to their environment with what creates in them the most passion.

These individual assessments can be leveraged by themselves or in conjunction with other individual assessments and development processes. They can also be used to assist the entrepreneur in the hiring process as they grow their teams.

Are RPC Leadership Associates Inc. and Rick Lochner right for you?

We have 30+ years of leadership experience in Strategic Planning, Organizational, Business and Personal Development as well as Operations Improvement support to achieve improved Organizational and/or Personal Results. These processes traditionally deliver 10% to 15% business growth improvement.

What does 10% improvement in your revenue stream do for your company? What does 15% improvement in customer loyalty do to your bottom line? This is the value of investing in Strategic Planning, Leadership Development and Operational Process Improvement to enable people – your business’ most valuable asset – to succeed.

Since 2008, RPC Leadership Associates, Inc. has successfully served Entrepreneurs and Solo-preneurs, Non-Profit Leaders and Small/Mid-sized Businesses (SMB) Leadership teams. Whether working with the team as a whole or individually with the leader and/or specific team members, the focus on the attitudinal aspects of leadership is paramount to sustainable success.

If you are a corporate leader looking to enhance your organization’s effectiveness, continue below to see how RPC Leadership Associates, Inc. can help you Make Leadership a Way of Life!