Student Leaders

If you are a High School or College Student Leader and…

  • …you want to improve your leadership skills to prepare you for the modern workforce…
  • …you want to differentiate yourself in order to land the college and/or job of your choice…
  • …you are not able to develop your leadership skills through sports, scouting etc. and want an outlet…
  • …you are not sure what direction to want to go when you graduate…

…then we should talk!

Areas Of Focus

Leadership Development

Personal Leadership is essential in enabling youth to develop character, confidence and values promoting the goal of healthy behavior.  Moreover, we live in a time when our society is more complex, more challenging, and more competitive than ever before.

Leadership Assessments

There is likely no better tool to helping the student leader succeed than self-awareness. Self-awareness involves looking across different aspects of one’s attitudinal thought processes to create a complete view of YOU.

Leadership Development

Our youth oriented processes focus on 12 to 19 year olds to help them align their attitudes, skills and knowledge with effective goal setting behavior to positively impact their success in school and prepare them for the challenges of college and/or today’s ever-changing workplace. The process covers critical issues relating to Leadership including:

  • Attitude Development and Ethics
  • Effective Communications
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Goal Achievement
  • Time Management

As a result of this process, the student leader will be more confident setting goals for themselves and managing the attitudes and time that it takes to achieve those goals.

Leadership Assessment Process & Outcomes

Leadership Assessment Process & Outcomes To reach optimal performance student leaders must understand themselves and why they have tendencies to behave and think certain ways

  • Our DISC Index provides the most comprehensive view of HOW a non-profit leader prefers to behave especially in the context of working with team members, as a leader or in any environment that requires conflict resolution.
  • Everyone has their own unique mix of personal drivers and motivators to help guide them to success. Using the Values Index helps understand WHY a non-profit leader is motivated to do things so they are able to better align themselves to their environment with what creates in them the most passion.
  • The Myers Briggs Personality Indicator (MBTI)/Strong combination of assessments creates a powerful combination of personality and identifying potential career paths the student leader may want to follow based on their identified personality traits.

These individual can be leveraged by themselves or in combination with other individual assessments.

Are RPC Leadership Associates Inc. and Rick Lochner right for you?

We have 30+ years of leadership experience in Strategic Planning, Organizational, Business and Personal Development as well as Operations Improvement support to achieve improved Organizational and/or Personal Results. These processes traditionally deliver 10% to 15% business growth improvement.

What does 10% improvement in your revenue stream do for your company? What does 15% improvement in customer loyalty do to your bottom line? This is the value of investing in Strategic Planning, Leadership Development and Operational Process Improvement to enable people – your business’ most valuable asset – to succeed.

Since 2008, RPC Leadership Associates, Inc. has successfully served Entrepreneurs and Solo-preneurs, Non-Profit Leaders and Small/Mid-sized Businesses (SMB) Leadership teams. Whether working with the team as a whole or individually with the leader and/or specific team members, the focus on the attitudinal aspects of leadership is paramount to sustainable success.

If you are a corporate leader looking to enhance your organization’s effectiveness, continue below to see how RPC Leadership Associates, Inc. can help you Make Leadership a Way of Life!